25 Best Places to Stay in Quito (With Jawdropping Views)

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Ecuador, Travel

Are you planning a trip to Quito and looking for the best place to stay in the city?

In this post, I’m going to share with you EXACTLY where to stay in Quito, including the top neighborhoods to stay in and the best accommodations in each area. You’ll learn the pros and cons of each neighborhood: the Historic Center (Old Town), San Blas, La Mariscal, La Carolina, the Airport, and even the mountains outside of the city.

Which of these neighborhoods are the safest?

Where are the BEST budget hotels?

What are the BEST boutique hotels?

Which hotels have the BEST views?

I’ll also share with you the best places to stay in Quito for each type of budget. Even if your wallet is a bit thin, you’ll find some magical hotels and hostels with unforgettable views and even superb free breakfasts.

This Quito accommodation guide is based on my 3 trips to Quito and 6 weeks of touring and working remotely in the city. I also spent 6 months traveling around Ecuador in 2023.

The prices in this Quito guide are based on those found on Booking.com in January 2024.

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Average Hotel Prices in Quito

A street with buildings and a hill in the background

For those on a tight budget, you can find a lot of good inexpensive hotels with clean and comfortable rooms in safe areas of the city.

There are also lots of mid-priced hotels for under US$100 that are just divine with loads of charm and character and wonderful service.

Quito has several luxury hotels that are gorgeous with jawdropping views and impeccable service in the Historic Center.

Here’s a breakdown of the average price of hotels in Quito:

  • Hostels: US$6 – $14 (dorm room); no free breakfast but loads of other amenities
  • Budget Hotels: US$19 – $40 (private room with ensuite bathroom; no free breakfasts)
  • Mid-Priced Boutique Hotels: US$40 – $100 (most have free breakfast & rooftop terraces with views of the city; usually in a historic building with loads of character)
  • International Hotel Chains: US$100 – $200 (Sheraton, Swissotel, and Marriott)
  • Luxury Boutique Hotels: Over US$300 (with free breakfast)

QUICK Guide to Finding the BEST Place to Stay in Quito

BEST HOSTEL: Viajero Quito Hostel


BEST HOTEL US$40 – $100: Friends Hotel & Rooftop & Chakana Hotel Boutique

BEST HOTEL US$100 – $200: Casa Joaquin Boutique Hotel & Marriott

BEST HOTEL US$200 – $300: Casa El Edén

BEST HOTEL OVER US$300:  Hotel Casa Gangotena & Illa Experience Hotel

Where to Stay For Those Jaw-dropping Views

a hill with statue on top in Quito

Quito hotels are known for having rooftop terraces with unforgettable views of the Old Town and the Virgin of Panecillo statue. Staying in one of these hotels will make your stay in Quito even more memorable!

Luckily, you can even be on a strict budget and still have a chance to stay in one of these places.

These hotels have amazing city views (lowest price):

BEST Quito Neighborhoods

a map of Quito

Here’s a breakdown of the best areas of Quito to stay in.

AreaBEST Accommodations in QuitoPros & Cons


(Old Town)
Budget: Viajero Hostel
Middle: Friends Hotel
Luxury: Casa Gangotena & Illa Experience
– Lots of Quito attractions
– Lots of local restaurants
– Safe during the day, but less safe at night
– Great hotels for all budgets
– Excellent mid-priced hotels with loads of character
– Superb luxury hotels
– Metro Station & 2 tram stations
San BlasBudget: Secret Garden
Middle: Chakana Hotel
– Within walking distance of Old Town
– Safe during the day, but much less safe at night
– Great budget hotels
– No Metro Station
La MariscalBudget: Hotel Posada del Maple & TERRA PREMIUM
Middle: Casa Joaquin
– Lots of local restaurants & bars
– Chill & relaxing neighborhood
– Far from Old Town
– Safe during day and evening
– Lots of budget hotels
– Metro Station is 15-minute walk; 2 tram stations
La CarolinaBudget: La Carolina Inn
Middle: Wyndham Garden
Luxury: Marriott
– Lots of shopping malls
– Big park
– Far from Old Town
– Metro Stations
– Boring Area
– Safe during day and evening
3 Metro Stations
Near AirportBudget: La Hortensias & Hostal Mariscal Sucre
Middle – High: Wyndham Airport
– Good for early morning flights
– Over 1-hour by car from the main attractions of Quito
– Noisy from planes
Outside QuitoMiddle to High: El Crater Lodge– Surrounded by nature
– Great place for hiking
– Relaxing
– Not easy to get to without a car
– Far from Quito (1 hour)

BEST Places to Stay in Historic Center

Large white two-story buildings surrounding a plaza filled with trees and people

For first-time visitors to Quito, the best area of the city to stay in is in the historic center (also known as Old Town). This is the heart and soul of Quito.

You’ll find narrow hilly streets covered in cobblestones and lined with beautiful and ornate 200 and 300-year-old villas and churches going back to the 1500s. There are several evocative plazas and inviting squares. This is the most beautiful area of Quito.

A group of men playing instruments on a sidewalk

If you want to immerse yourself in Quito’s history, heritage, and culture, this is the best area to stay in. You’ll find street musicians and the ceremony for the changing of the guards at the presidential palace on Tuesdays. Families and the elderly spend time in this area, especially during the weekend, making it a great place to people-watch.

If you’re on a Quito walking tour and you get sick, which is common with the high altitude, you can quickly get to your hotel in Old Town to rest. But if you’re staying outside of Old Town, you’ll have to find a taxi or Uber to take you back to your hotel, which could take over 30 minutes.

The Historic Center is an optimal place for trying Ecuador’s street food and traditional dishes. On the weekend, the streets are full of vendors selling a special kind of ice cream called helados de paila.

Now let’s talk about the downside to staying in the historic center:

Old Town is full of tourists. That means it’s also full of pickpockets and scammers who target these tourists. You have to be careful with your phone and wallet. A common scam is for someone to spill something on you or put fake bird poop on you and then “kindly” clean it off all while lifting your wallet or phone. The good news is that there is a heavy police presence around the main square, Plaza Grande.

people hanging out in Plaza Grande in Quito at night
Plaza Grande was still quite lively when I visited at 7:00 pm.

At night, the area closes down and empties of people and police. Restaurants and shops close at 6:00 pm. The streets become dark, quiet, and less safe. The hotel manager of my first hotel in Quito told me not to walk around alone after 7:00 pm except on La Ronda Street. When I visited on a night tour of Quito, the central square was still quite lively with families out and about, but the side streets weren’t. If you want to party at night, it’s better to stay in La Mariscal.

Pros & Cons of Staying in Old Town

– Beautiful & fun area with lots of history & culture
– Lots of restaurants
– Full of Quito’s main attractions
– Hotels have loads of character, rooftop views, & are of good value – especially budget & mid-priced hotels
– Best luxury hotels are here
– Safe during the day with a heavy police presence
– Metro Station and 2 tram stations – easy to get to Quitumbe Bus Station
– Empties of people at night and streets – become dark and not so safe
– Not much nightlife
– Many restaurants close at 6:00 pm
– Pickpockets and scammers target tourists

The BEST Budget Accommodations in the Historic Center

The Historic Center has lots of budget hotels to choose from. I’ve stayed in 2 places here that I can recommend.

1. Viajero Quito Hostel

LOWEST PRICE: US$6 – $14 (dorm) US$38 (private room) | BREAKFAST: Not included | RATING: 8.9/10 (1,100+ Reviews)

Viajero Quito Hotel is my favorite hostel in Quito. I love this place and I don’t understand why it doesn’t get a higher rating. It’s PERFECT for those traveling on a budget and those who want to meet other travelers but don’t want a party hostel. It’s also great for those looking for a place in an architecturally beautiful building with loads of character and history.

What I love about Viajero Hostel:
  • Viajero has dorm rooms AND stylish and spacious private rooms with comfy beds and large private bathrooms
  • The location is fabulous – Just 3 blocks from the main square in Old Town, 5 minutes from the Metro Station, and 1 minute from the tram station that goes to the main bus station, Quitumbe (get buses to Papallacta, the Coast, Baños, Tena, the Amazon, and Cuenca)!
  • Near lots of restaurants and the main attractions.
  • One reviewer likened this hostel to a palace, and I agree. It’s so massive that you could get lost in it. Yet the hostel’s historic building has tons of charm and character.

  • There’s a restaurant in the hostel that serves breakfast for US$5 (a good deal in Quito), lunch, and dinner, so you don’t have to worry about roaming the dark streets of the Old Town at night looking for somewhere to eat.
  • Great facilities for relaxing and socializing. There’s an outdoor courtyard with lots of places to relax and hang out, a rooftop terrace with great views of Panecillo, a coworking space, and a lounge area with a ping pong table, pool table, foosball table, and bar. BUT not a party hostel!
  • Viajero will arrange a car and driver to take you to the airport for US$30.

The place is huge-with patios, terraces, hang out spots, beautiful garden, old meets modern architecture and decor, well lit rooms and showers with hot water!”

Tomasza from Canada (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

2. Traveler’s House Quito

LOWEST PRICE: US$30 | BREAKFAST: Not included | RATING: 9.2/10 (280+ Reviews)

One of the BEST hotel deals in Old Town is Traveler’s House Quito.

This beautiful hotel is PERFECT for those on a budget looking for a clean and safe hotel with loads of character and history. It’s also PERFECT for those who need to get to Quitumbe Bus Station via public transportation as the tram station is at the end of the street.

What I love about Traveler’s House Quito:
  • Rooms are comfortable, clean, and spacious with 5-star bathrooms.
  • LOCATION is fantastic—just 2 blocks from the main square and near Quito’s major attractions and restaurants! At night the streets around the hotel get dark and deserted. The hotel manager told me not to walk around alone at night after 7:00 pm. But he said it was fine to go to La Ronda Street alone at night, which was a block away.
  • Traveler’s House’s manager is friendly and helpful with loads of advice on what to do in Quito.
  • Price is unbeatable for what you get
  • Outdoor area with garden and hammocks
  • Traveler’s House has a sliver of a view of the Virgin of the Panecillo statue

“Fantastic place, newly renovated, in a 300 year old stunning house. Beautiful new bathroom. Right in the historic centre, lots of places to eat everywhere, and a grocery shop next door. Stunning big garden with a large patio open to guests. Owner Kelvin is incredibly helpful, organized taxi transfer from the airport, and gave lots of advice on where to go (and not go) in Quito. And the best thing, adorable Labrador living on site! Would happily stay again.”

Yuliana from the U.K. (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

BEST Mid-Priced Hotels in Old Town

The historic center is full of high-quality hotels for less than US$100. Here are a few of my favorite ones:

3. Friends Hotel & Rooftop

LOWEST PRICE: US$42 – $58 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.3/10 (1,700+ Reviews)

Friends Hotel & Rooftop is one of the most popular mid-priced places to stay in Quito!

Does it deserve it?

Yes, indeed! You can’t go wrong staying here.

It’s PERFECT for those looking for a charming and historic hotel that won’t break their budget. And its rooftop terrace has the best views in town.

What travelers love about Friends Hotel & Rooftop:
  • Of course, its FABULOUS rooftop terrace with its stunning views of the city
  • Historic building with loads of character
  • Superb Location in the Old Town
  • Exceptional free breakfast on the rooftop terrace
  • Friends Hotel has basic rooms. Some rooms have views of the city or have balconies
  • Excellent services – staff are welcoming and friendly

We loved the hotel so much and stayed 3 different times in the end. Our first night and the last night in Ecuador were with Frineds hotel. Also we made another night before we travelled to Galapagos. It always felt like home where you are familiar with.

We loved the view from the rooftop of the building. Their breakfast is really tasty and it will be prepared with a view. They serve you a fresh fruits then enough coffee and warm milk. After that you will be given scrambled eggs with warm toasts. All in all, the receptionists are really helpful and kind. Also their walking tour was super informative and really interesting. Highly recommended it!!”

Anna from Switzerland (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

4. Casa Alquimia

LOWEST PRICE: US$58 – $67 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.2/10 (520+ Reviews)

Casa Alquimia is another fabulous Quito hotel in a historic building in Old Town. It’s PERFECT for those looking for an architecturally beautiful hotel with lots of character and great views—all for less than US$100.

What travelers love about Casa Alquimia:
  • The rooms at Casa Alquimia are spacious, comfortable, and very colorful. Hardwood floors. Some rooms have balconies.
  • Historic building with loads of charm, color, and character
  • The location is fabulous – 4 blocks from the main square and Metro station, 1 block from Calle La Ronda, and next to the tram station that you can take to Quitumbe Bus Station
  • Superb breakfast included in the price of room – on the rooftop terrace with great views
  • Wonderful inner courtyard

The breakfast in the terrace was lovely and wholesome. Casa Alquimia is a Gem. It is an amazing property and maintained by an outstanding by Sylana and her team! WOW.

This stay is etched in our family memories. Thank You for personalizing our tours so we could match all our family needs. Truly Exceptional!


READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

5. Hotel Casa Gardenia

LOWEST PRICE: US$88 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.5/10 (165+ Reviews)

One of the most uniquely designed places to stay in Quito is Hotel Casa Gardenia. The hotel is s in a historic building but its decor is modern and stylish. It’s PERFECT for those looking for a beautiful hotel with great views and in a great location for less than US$100.

Definitely a hotel to consider!

What travelers love about Hotel Casa Gardenia:
  • Conveniently located near Quito’s main attractions – It’s 10 minutes by foot from the main square, 6 minutes from the Basilica, and 11 minutes from the Metro Station
  • Best views of the city – It’s on a hill near the Basilica so you can look down on the main square and see the city illuminated at night.
  • Hotel Casa Gardenia has a wonderful mix of traditional architecture and modern interior design.
  • Excellent breakfast
  • Fabulous service

Location was great and the staff was so friendly. The incleded breakfast was delicious and the views are unmatched!”

Nahal from the U.S. (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

How to Pack to Keep Your Valuables Secure in Quito:

Luxury Hotels in Quito’s Old Town

There are a handful of 4 and 5-star hotels in the historic center that are worth booking. All are in elegant and historic buildings with comfortable rooms and views of the city. Take your pick.

6. Hotel Casa Gangotena

LOWEST PRICE: US$365 – $427 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.1/10 (40+ Review)

The most historic place to stay in Quito is Hotel Casa Gangotena. It’s PERFECT for those looking for an elegant hotel with exceptional service and a rich history. It’s also in the thick of the action of Old Town.

What travelers love about Hotel Casa Gangotena:
  • The location is superb! – Right on my favorite plaza in Quito: the massive and evocative San Francisco Plaza – standing in the middle of the square feels like you’ve gone back 200 years.
  • Gangotena Hotel is historic – Several presidents of Ecuador resided here before it was purchased by the Gangotena family, who then renovated it and turned the building into a hotel.
  • The rooftop terrace has unmatched views of the city and San Francisco Plaza and a great place to watch the sunset over Quito
  • Rooms are beautifully decorated in an art deco style. There are high ceilings, plush carpeting, and large windows that bring in a lot of sunlight
  • Tour agency in Hotel Casa Gangotena can arrange for personalized tours of Quito, day trips from Quito, and a cooking class with the hotel chef.

“I had a wonderful stay. The room was very clean, well equipped, decorated with taste. The service was discreet and perfect. Hotel ideally located. Will be back for sure! the breakfast was very nice and the service was perfect. The barmen were great. The concierge very helpful. The security men and doormen were very welcoming and very professional.”

Bertrand from France (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

7. Villa Colonna

LOWEST PRICE: US$350 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 10/10 (14+ Reviews)

One of the most elegant hotels in Quito is the Villa Colonna. It’s PERFECT for those looking for a small and intimate hotel in a historic building with exceptional service, food, and spacious rooms.

A divine place to stay in Quito!

What travelers love about the Villa Colonna:
  • Villa Colonna’s restaurant is spectacular
  • Rooftop terrace with stunning views overlooking the historic center and the Panecilla Statue.
  • Superb location – 10 minutes from the main square and 6 minutes from the Basilica
  • Cooking and chocolate classes
  • The hotel has a travel agency that offers personalized tours of Quito and destinations around Quito.
  • A small intimate hotel with 6 beautiful and comfortable suites – each suite has a separate sitting room.

“This boutique hotel used to be the Turkish Embassy. It has 6 rooms, I suspect all suites (ours was). The manager was friendly and made us feel like we were at home. He went out of his way to arrange for anything we asked for. Dinner, prepared by a new graduate from the local culinary school, was a delight. it was made especially for us and we were the only one there. It is like having your own staff in a luxury home. Almost worth the trip to Quito just to stay here. Best hotel I have stayed in anywhere.”

Jack from the U.S. (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

8. Illa Experience Hotel

LOWEST PRICE: US$325 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.0/10 (40+ Review)

The newest luxury hotel in Quito is the Illa Experience Hotel! It’s the PERFECT place to stay for those looking for a sophisticated and stylish hotel in a historic building that comes with special amenities like a hot tub, spa, and rooftop terrace.

What travelers love about the Illa Experience Hotel:
  • Location is excellent – 7 minutes to the main square and 9 minutes to the Metro Station
  • Gorgeous and stylish rooms – lots of color, high ceilings, large windows to let in tons of sunlight, hardwood floors, and beautiful artwork
  • Illa Experience has a fabulous terrace with stunning views of the city
  • The hotel has a hot tub and spa
  • Cultural performances held in the lobby
  • Fabulous Food – free breakfast
  • Exceptional service – you’re treated like royalty

“We stayed at Illa Experience for our last night in Ecuador and Galapagos. It’s an exceptionally designed small hotel with stunning rooms, interior furnishing and views. We loved our suit and double-shower! We dined at the restaurant which provided exceptional dining experience. Breakfast was also wonderful. Staff and services were exceptional!”

Maria from Germany (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

9. Casa El Edén

LOWEST PRICE: US$201 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.8/10 (330+ Reviews)

With an unheard-of 9.8 out of 10 rating, Casa El Edén is the highest-rated hotel in Quito. It’s PERFECT for those looking for a small, family-run boutique hotel in the heart of Old Town.

What travelers love about Casa El Edén:
  • Location is excellent – 9 minutes by foot from main square and 13 minutes from Metro Station.
  • Casa El Edén is a historic hotel with lots of character and traditional details
  • A small, intimate hotel with 6 stylish and uniquely designed rooms with modern comforts.
  • Exceptional service – hosts make you feel at home
  • Fabulous breakfast is included in the price

“The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. Beds were comfortable. Even included a portable heater in each room with was great for the cold nights. The host made it feel like a home and if I was staying with family. The location was centrally located and was a gem within itself! Historical house made it feel like I was living in historical history.”

Henry from the U.S. (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

The Best Places to Stay in San Blas

Plaza de San Blas in Quito
Plaza de San Blas

The neighborhood adjacent to Old Town (Historic Center) is the working-class neighborhood of San Blas. The area is separated from Old Town by Pichincha Avenue.

You’ll still find loads of historic buildings and plazas like in Old Town. The central market is here where you can sample some traditional Ecuadorian food as well as some good bars: Bandido Brewing and Café Mosaico. You’ll also find the Ballet Folclorico has its theater here, where you can watch traditional Ecuadorian dance and music.

You can easily walk during the day from your hotel in San Blas to Old Town. However, at night, San Blas is probably the least safe area listed in this blog post.  You don’t want to be walking around here at night. Take a taxi or Uber.

There are some good budget and mid-priced hotels here. It’s an especially popular area with backpackers. Lots of the shuttle buses that take travelers to the Amazon leave in the evening from here.

If you need to get to other popular destinations in Ecuador, the Central Market has a tram stop where you can catch a tram to Quitumbe Bus Station.

Pros & Cons of Staying in San Blas

– Within walking distance of the Historic Center
– Safe area to walk around during the day
– Near 2 parks
– A few FABULOUS budget and mid-priced hotels and hostels
– Not a safe area to be walking around on your own at night

The BEST Budget Accommodations in San Blas

This area of Quito is home to a famous hostel (at least for those on the South American backpacking trail):

10. The Secret Garden

LOWEST PRICE: US$8-$15 (dorm) $31 – $43 (private room) | BREAKFAST: Not Included | RATING: 8.7/10 (1,700+ Reviews)

There is a reason why so many travelers stay at the Secret Garden hostel! It is indeed a great hostel. And yes, it does have the coolest and most fun rooftop restaurant in all of Quito. Even if you’re not staying here, you should check it out (the restaurant is so popular that you need to make reservations for dinner). But there are other LEGITIMATE reasons why you should consider staying here.

What I love about The Secret Garden:
  • Dorm rooms are comfortable – curtain, light, and outlets. The 4-person dorm rooms are worth the extra price—they’re uber spacious and quieter than the 8-peson ones.
  • Private rooms are inexpensive
  • Rooftop Terrace restaurant is, yes, the BEST in Quito! That view! Make reservations for dinner as it’s very popular.
  • The tours are fabulousSecret Garden organizes its own Quito tours – bike tours, Quito food tours, walking tours as well as some of the best day trips from Quito you can do like Cotopaxi and multi-day tours to the Amazon, etc.
  • The Secret Garden has its own inexpensive shuttle service to Quitumbe Station, Middle of the World, The Secret Garden Cotopaxi Hostel, and Baños.
  • You don’t need to be social or a partier to stay here!

“It was fantastic. You will fall in love with this city once you see the view from the top of the hostel. Reasonable price with warm-hearted crew. They have their own travel agency. You will meet nice tour options. They work 24/7. You can easily meet many travellers who are ready to have fun.”

Minkyu from South Korea (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

BEST Mid-Range Hotels Near San Blas

San Blas is known more for their budget hotels and hostels and not so much for midrange places to stay. However, there’s one that’s on the outskirts of San Blas, near Alameda Park to consider:

11. Chakana Hotel Boutique

LOWEST PRICE: US$57 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.5/10 (580+ Reviews)

Chakana Boutique Hotel is one of the top-rated hotels in Quito. It’s the PERFECT place to stay for those on a budget who want a hotel with loads of character and great food!

Reviewers rave about the food served here (breakfast and dinner). One person said “The best food in all of South America!” I’m so intrigued! Chakana is PERFECT for solo travelers who don’t want to go wandering around late in the evening looking for someplace to eat – you can just eat at the hotel!

What I love about Chakana Boutique Hotel:
  • I love the décor of the Chakana Boutique Hotel—it’s got loads of charm and character with its Andean decorations. This is the kind of hotel I love!
  • Fabulous food – free breakfast & great restaurant that serves delicious Ecuadorean food
  • Exceptional service – The staff are warm and welcoming.
  • Terrace with outdoor seating and beautiful views of the city.
  • Rooms are comfortable and spacious. Great water pressure and hot showers.
  • The hotel will arrange tours of Quito or day trips from Quito and transportation to the airport for you.

We loved this hotel! It is so much more than just an accomodation! The staff is amazing, you learn a lot about the culture in Ecuador and also a dinner is more like an experience than just food! I would recommened everyone staying in Quito to stay here! :)”

Zdenka from Slovakia (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

PRO TIP: Hostal in Latin America does NOT mean “hostel” like it does in English with dorms and young backpackers. “Hostal” is another word for guest house—a small family-owned hotel with more of a personal touch.

The BEST Places to Stay in La Mariscal Sucre

a street lined with trees and colorful buildings in La Mariscal neighborhood in Quito
You can find one of the best budget hotels in Quito, Posada del Maple, on this lovely tree-lined street of Avenue 6 de Diciembre in La Mariscal

La Mariscal has a combination of quiet tree-lined streets AND a lively bar scene at Plaza Fochs. It’s sort of the best of both worlds. The neighborhood reminds me of Roma and Condesa neighborhoods in Mexico City.

For me, staying in La Mariscal also felt safer than the historic center. There were more people out and about on the streets at night, so it felt safe to walk around a night alone. The manager of the coliving space I stayed at said it was safe to walk around alone until 10:00 pm in La Mariscal.

If nightlife is important to you, then stay in La Mariscal neighborhood with its many bars and clubs.

an empty city street in Quito

Or if this is your second visit to Quito or you’re a digital nomad and are staying in Quito for several weeks or months, stay in La Mariscal. For second-time visitors, staying in La Mariscal lets you see a different part of Quito that most tourists don’t get to experience. For digital nomads, La Mariscal has more co-working and co-living spaces and amenities like grocery stores, mercados, fruterias, coffee shops, and inexpensive restaurants serving Ecuadorian food.

I stayed in La Mariscal for 6 weeks in 2023 and love the area!

Pros & Cons of Staying in La Mariscal

– Feels Safer than Historic Center
– Nightlife
– Quiet tree-lined streets and parks
– Love the chill vibe
– Lots of fabulous budget hotels & hostels
– Great for digital nomads
– Inexpensive restaurants
– Supermarkets, fruiterias & markets
– Good seafood restaurants
– 2 tram lines connecting with Old Town
– Far from Old Town
– No metro stop in La Mariscal
– No Quito attractions

Budget Accommodations in La Mariscal

I had a hard time limiting the number of budget options in La Mariscal. There are just so many excellent finds in this neighborhood for those on a budget. I came up with four for all types of budget travelers: backpackers, digital nomads, and flashpackers.

12. El Patio Hostel Quito

LOWEST PRICE: US$13 (dorm) & $28-$34 (private room) | BREAKFAST: Not included | RATING: 9.0/10 (100+ Reviews)

El Patio Hostel Quito is a small, quiet, and friendly hostel that was recommended to me by another traveler. It’s becoming an unkept secret now among backpackers in Ecuador! She raved about how wonderful the hostel was—small, chill, clean! I’m familiar with the hostel as it was next door to the coliving/coworking place I stayed at in La Mariscal.

What travelers love about El Patio Hostel:
  • Includes BOTH 4-bed dorm rooms and private rooms with shared or private bathrooms
  • Dorm beds have privacy curtains, a shelf, outlets, and bedside lights.
  • Fabulous location – I love the street this hostel is on! On the same street is an excellent bakery, café, cheap restaurants (a great vegetarian restaurant nearby!), laundromat, police station, and park! Two blocks from Plaza Fochs
  • El Patio Hostel has a clean kitchen, large lockers, and lots of areas for socializing like a small garden, lounge, and terrace
  • Quiet non-party hostel but still great for meeting other travelers

Great hostel with amazing bunk beds. So comfortable and completely private. They have big lockers that fit your whole backpack.

The hostel is extremely clean and has a great kitchen to cook and a sorted fridge to store the food. Breakfast is simple but good.

It’s not a party place at all, even though there are many bars in the neighbourhood. I enjoyed that it’s calm and relaxed. It’s a short bus or taxi ride from the historic Center but the neighbourhood feels safer than the historic Center. You’ll have small shops and lots of restaurants right next to the hostel.”

Chiara from Germany (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

13. Hostal Posada del Maple

LOWEST PRICE: US$19 – $27 | BREAKFAST: Not included (free coffee) | RATING: 9.0/10 (250+ Reviews)

Hostal Posada del Maple is one of the best hotel deals in Quito. It’s located on my favorite street in La Mariscal—quiet, peaceful, tree-lined street just a short walk from a park, a bank, the Ecovia tram, and lots of great restaurants and bars. I stayed here for 2 nights.

It’s PERFECT for those on a tight budget but don’t want to stay in a hostel.

What I love about Hostal Posada del Maple:
  • The price is fabulous for what you get – a simple, clean room with a private bath
  • Hostal Posada del Maple is a clean and quiet hotel
  • Inner courtyard and terrace with lots of flowers and plants
  • Free tea and coffee
  • Lovely décor and GREAT artwork
  • PERFECT Location – This is the best-located hotel in La Mariscal – quiet, tree-lined street but so close to everything you need: bank with ATM that works, great restaurants, bars, cafes, a park, Plaza Fochs, and the Ecovia tram that takes you to Old Town. Another tram is within walking distance that takes you to Quitumbe Station
  • Breakfast is included if you pay a higher rate on your booking

“Beautiful property, amazing indoor garden and sunroof area and lots of lobby seating. Breakfast was delicious and very affordable, location was very convenient, within walking distance of most city locations.”

Anna from the U.S. (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

14. Hostal Alcala

LOWEST PRICE: US$26 | BREAKFAST: Not included | RATING: 8.5/10 (150+ Reviews)

Hostal Alcala was my home away from home when I was living in Quito for 6 weeks. It’s both a hotel and a coliving/coworking space for long-term travelers and digital nomads.

I ONLY recommend this hotel if you’re staying long term and working online because they have cheap month-long rooms for rent for US$300. Other than that, there are better-budget hotels in the neighborhood with better staff.

What I love about Hostal Alcala:
  • Rooms are clean, comfortable, and spacious
  • Hostal Alcala has 2 shared fully-equipped kitchens and a comfortable and spacious co-working space
  • A garden with plants and flowers and hummingbirds
  • A comfortable, friendly, and affordable place for digital nomads and long-term travelers but WiFi could be better
  • LOCATION is FANTASTIC – I love the street the hotel is on—close to a fabulous bakery, a coffee shop, lots of cheap and delicious restaurants (including a great Mexican restaurant and vegetarian restaurant!), convenience stores, lavanderia, park, and police station. Within walking distance of 2 trams (Ecovia) that take you to Old Town and 1 tram that takes you to Quitumbe Station. It’s 2 blocks from Plaza Fochs.

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

My Favorite Restaurants in La Floresta:

15. TERRA PREMIUM Hostal Boutique

LOWEST PRICE: US$33-$41 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.1/10 (650+ Reviews)

One of the BEST mid-priced places to stay in Quito is the TERRA PREMIUM boutique hotel. It’s PERFECT for those on a budget who want a hotel in a safe neighborhood but that also comes with a comfortable rooftop terrace, comfortable rooms, and great service.

THIS is a great option at an unbeatable price!

What travelers love about the TERRA PREMIUM:
  • The star of the show is TERRA PREMIUM’s comfortable and inviting rooftop terrace
  • Location is superb – on a quiet street but 2 blocks from the nightlife of Plaza Fochs
  • Stylish décor
  • Delicious free breakfast
  • Nice little touches that make your stay memorable like cookies before bed and hot water bottles at night when Quito gets chilly
  • Within walking distance of the Ecovia tram that takes you to Old Town
  • Great price for what you get!

Loved so many things here. Beautiful building with a lovely terrace, great location, near to the nightlife, but on a quiet street. Great breakfast with super-fast service. Lots of nice touches like hot water bottles delivered nightly to the rooms. Fast Wi-Fi, hot shower with good water pressure. Very good value for money all things considered.”


READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

Best Mid-Priced Hotels in La Mariscal

There are lots of mid-priced hotels in La Mariscal for less than US$100.

16. Casa Joaquin Boutique Hotel

LOWEST PRICE: US$88 – $117 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.6/10 (110+ Reviews)

The Casa Joaquin Boutique Hotel is another charming and highly-rated hotel in Quito. It’s PERFECT for those who want to be in the safer La Mariscal neighborhood but still want the charm of the boutique hotels in Old Town.

What travelers love about Casa Joaquin Boutique Hotel:
  • Elegant and stylish hotel
  • Casa Joaquin is in an excellent location on a quiet street two blocks from the bars, cafes, and restaurants of Plaza Fochs
  • Rooftop terrace (but with no city views)
  • Small interior courtyard
  • Delicious buffet-style breakfast
  • Comfortable, clean, and spacious rooms
  • Impeccable service—Staff and especially the owner, Francisco, are 10/10 – friendly and helpful with loads of useful travel advice

“This is a truly amazing hotel in Quito – a truly amazing find. We loved this hotel! Our room was fabulous & very clean & comfortable. It truly was outstanding – our room was a full apartment with a private patio. The staff were fabulous & had awesome recommendations and were very helpful. Breakfast was amazing with made to order eggs & French toast. The location is awesome being a 5 min walk from Plaza Foch and lots of great bars & restaurants. We for sure will stay here when we visit Quito in the future!”

Rob from the U.S. (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

Luxury Hotel in La Mariscal

There’s one luxury hotel in La Mariscal

17. Swissotel

LOWEST PRICE: US$148 – $160 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 8.8/10 (400+ Reviews)

One of the best international hotel chains in Quito is the Swissotel. It’s located on the edge of La Mariscal but near lots of good restaurants (make sure to eat at Ecuaviche Veintimille). It’s PERFECT for those looking for a hotel with lots of amenities and in a quiet and safe neighborhood.

What travelers love about Swissotel:
  • Swissotel has great facilities: two swimming pools, a tennis court, a squash court, a spa with a hydro massage tub, and a bar
  • The hotel restaurant serves Swiss, French, and Japanese food
  • Comfortable, clean, and spacious rooms with lots of natural light; some have gorgeous views of the city and mountains.
  • Excellent Service – friendly, patient, helpful
  • Lots of great restaurants in the area
  • Safe area during the day and in the evening

“Breakfast was great. Travelled with family including young kids, everyone able to find something to their liking. Lots of restaurants in the area within walking distance. Went to a fabulous steak house. Very memorable.”

Virginia from the US (READ MORE REVIEWS)


Best Places to Stay in La Carolina

Aerial photo of La Carolina Parque surrounded by tall buildings in Quito
One of Quito’s main attractions in La Carolina is Parque La Carolina.

La Carolina is perfect for those looking for an area of Quito that is both convenient and safe. It’s one of the safest neighborhoods to stay in. You’ll find many of Quito’s upscale shopping malls and restaurants serving international cuisines. The star attraction of the neighborhood is the massive Park Carolina.

The best part of La Carolina is the Metro Station which will quickly and safely take you to the attractions in Quito’s Historic Center and to the main bus terminal, Quitumbe Station (buses to Papallacta, the Coast, Baños, Tena, the Amazon, and Cuenca leave from here).

office buildings in a city of Quito with mountains in the background at sunset
The area of Quito near the Marriott, one of the best places to stay in Quito.

La Carolina is home to some of the top international chain hotels like the Sheraton and Marriott hotels. You’ll also find a lot of apartments and Airbnbs here with loads of modern conveniences and comforts. It’s a great area for long-term travelers and digital nomads who want a longer stay in Quito.

However, the accommodations in this more modern neighborhood lack the charm and character like the places you can find in Old Town. You will also rarely find a place to stay here that offers free breakfasts like those in the Old Town.

Pros and Cons of Staying in La Carolina

– Safe area
– La Carolina Park
– Lots of shopping malls
– International restaurants
– 3 Metro Stations – take subway to Old Town
– International hotel chains
– Boring area
– Not much character or history
– So far from the main attractions of Quito

Best Budget Places to Stay in La Carolina

La Carolina doesn’t have that many choices for budget travelers. The best budget hotel is:

18. La Carolina Inn

LOWEST PRICE: US$35 – $44 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.2/10 (170+ Reviews)

One of the best budget places to stay in La Carolina is La Carolina Inn. It’s PERFECT for those who are on a budget but want to stay in a safe neighborhood like La Carolina.

What travelers love about La Carolina Inn:
  • Comfortable, clean, sunny, and colorful rooms.
  • 11 minutes by foot from El Jardin Mall, 15 minutes from La Carolin Park, and 6 minutes by foot from Metro Station, which will take you safely to Quito’s main attractions in Old Town.
  • Service is friendly, helpful, and attentive
  • Located on a quiet and safe street within walking distance of many shops and restaurants
  • Breakfast buffet is good
  • La Carolina Inn is good value for what you get

“The staff were so friendly and helpful. They went out of the way to meet our requests. The location is ideal in a quiet safe street, easy to walk to restaurants, shops, and La Carolina park.”


READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

Best Mid-Priced Hotels in La Carolina

La Carolina has many places to stay for people with a budget of under US$100. However, most of them are apartments like Airbnbs – over 100 such apartments to choose from. Perfect for long-term travelers or digital nomads. Check on Booking.com for a list of apartments.

There’s one hotel that I recommend for around US$100:

19. Wyndham Garden Quito

LOWEST PRICE: US$91 | BREAKFAST: Not Included | RATING: 9.0/10 (1,200+ Reviews)

The best mid-priced place to stay in La Carolina is the Wyndham Garden Hotel. It’s PERFECT for those who want comfort and modern amenities in a safe neighborhood!

What travelers love about the Wyndham Garden:
  • Wyndham Garden has a superb breakfast buffet (but not included in price of room unless specified)
  • Service is attentive, professional and friendly
  • Rooms are comfortable, clean, and spacious with modern amenities
  • On a clear day it’s possible to see a view of Cotopaxi Volcano
  • Hotel restaurant has a good variety of dishes and is reasonably priced
  • Great location – 5 minutes by foot from Park Carolina, 5 minutes from El Jardin Mall, and 9 minutes from Metro Station, which will take you to Quito’s main attractions in the Old Town

Everything was amazing actually it exceeded my expectation with the breakfast and everything the room was clean the staff was nice and helpful The location is very good.”

Bishara from Israel (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

Best Luxury Hotels in La Carolina

La Carolina doesn’t have the elegant luxury hotels in historic buildings that Old Town does. But it does have some high-end international chains that are worth considering.

20. Sheraton Quito

LOWEST PRICE: US$193 | BREAKFAST: Not Included | RATING: 8.7/10 (360+ Reviews)

Another international chain hotel in Quito is the Sheraton. It’s PERFECT for those who want a comfortable, clean, and spacious room with modern amenities in a safe area of the city. The hotel is best for business travelers.

What travelers love about the Sheraton:
  • Rooms are spacious, well-appointed, and feature modern amenities. Beds are comfortable. Some rooms have beautiful views of the surrounding mountains.
  • The Sheraton has several on-site restaurants including one that serves Ecuadorian cuisine.
  • Excellent Breakfast buffet but not included in the price of the room
  • Facilities include an outdoor pool, fitness center, and spa
  • Attentive and friendly hotel staff
  • Location is 10 minutes by foot from Carolina Park entrance and 10 minutes from Metro Station, which will take you to Old Town.

“The location was perfect for us to visit our family. It had good facililities and an exceptional breakfast buffet. The staff were cheerful and helpful. The hotel has all the facilities of a corporate hotel but with a friendly feel.”

Ian from the U.K. (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

21. JW Marriott Quito

LOWEST PRICE: US$148 – $170 | BREAKFAST: Not Included | RATING: 9.0/10 (250+ Reviews)

The Marriott is located between La Carolina and La Mariscal neighborhoods. It’s the PERFECT place to stay in Quito if you want modern comforts, amenities like a swimming pool and fitness center, and a hotel in a safe location.

What travelers love about the Marriott:
  • Clean comfortable and spacious rooms with modern amenities
  • The Marriott has a restaurant that serve international cuisine
  • Excellent breakfast buffet (not included in price of room)
  • Great facilities to help you unwind – outdoor swimming pool, fitness center, and spa
  • Professional, attentive, and friendly service
  • 11-minute walk to the bars and restaurants of Plaza Fochs and 15-minute walk to the Metro Station, which will take you to Quito’s main attractions in Old Town

“I really loved this hotel. Everything was done well, the staff were friendly and helpful and the food great, but I think it is the huge bunches of roses and gorgeous art that gives it a great ambience. I felt really comfortable and at home, which is not always the case with top end hotels, which can feel a bit cold sometimes.”

Catherine from Australia (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

BEST Places to Stay Near Quito’s Airport

If you have an early morning flight out of the country or to the Galapagos, a hotel near the airport is a great option as Mariscal Sucre Airport is a one-hour drive from Quito and will cost around US$30.

It doesn’t pay to stay in Quito if you arrive in the late afternoon or evening and then fly out to the Galapagos the next morning or vice versa.

An alternative to a hotel is to sleep on the couches in the VIP Lounge at Mariscal Sucre Airport. This option is for those late arrivals and early departures.  It’s free if you have a certain credit card listed on their website. If not, it’ll cost around US$35.

Pros & Cons of Staying Near the Airport

– Great for late arrivals and/or early morning flights
– Safe area
– Many hotels have free airport shuttle
– Far from the main attractions of Quito
– Noise from planes taking off

Budget Hotels Near the Quito Airport

There are several budget hotels near the airport between 3.8 and 8 kilometers away from the airport. Some are better than others. Most can arrange an airport transfer for you and give you a free breakfast.

22. Hostal Mariscal Sucre

LOWEST PRICE: US$35 – $39 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 8.2/10 (1,800+ Reviews)

Hostal Mariscal Sucre is the best-located budget hotel near Quito airport. It’s perfect for those wanting to save money and want a convenient location. The hotel won’t win any hospitality awards, but it’s good enough for one night.

What travelers love about Hostal Mariscal Sucre:
  • It’s 3.8 kilometers from the airport
  • Hostal Mariscal Sucre offers a FREE airport shuttle service
  • Plus a free breakfast!
  • Internet is good
  • Can store luggage here
  • Good and inexpensive restaurant is nearby

“It’s conveniently located close to the airport, it’s clean and the staff are super helpful. Our shuttle to the airport was on time and the driver was very friendly. The internet was good enough for online meetings.”

Cathy from Australia (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

23. Las Hortensia’s Casa de Huespedes

LOWEST PRICE: US$35 – $55 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.2/10 (170+ Reviews)

One of the highest-rated budget places to stay near the Quito airport is the Las Hortensia’s Casa de Huespedes. This homestay is PERFECT for those who want to be near the airport and some good hospitality.

What travelers love about the Las Hortensias:
  • It’s 7.7 kilometers from the airport
  • A wonderful free Breakfast
  • Las Hortensia’s can arrange transportation to and from the airport – US$10 each way
  • Excellent service – friendly, warm
  • Rooms are clean, comfortable, and secure
  • Views of mountains

“The staff are so friendly and welcoming. Elizabeth organised for an airport taxi to come collect me for only $10. The hotel is so peaceful and quiet, room spacious, hot shower and a very comfy bed! Breakfast was made to perfection. Definitely stay here again.”

Zoe from France (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

Best Mid-Priced Hotels Near the Airport

You’ve got several great options for places near the airport. My favorite is the Wyndham.

24. Wyndham Quito Airport

LOWEST PRICE: US$119 – $150  | BREAKFAST: Not Included | RATING: 9.0/10 (3,000 Reviews)

The Wyndham Quito Airport Hotel is the closest hotel to the Quito airport. It’s PERFECT for those willing to pay extra for its superb location, excellent service and facilities.

What I love about the Wyndham Airport Hotel:
  • It’s just 0.7 km from the airport
  • A fabulous buffet breakfast
  • Good food options – hotel has a restaurant open until 11:00 pm
  • There’s a small indoor pool, fitness center, sauna, and spa
  • The Wyndham has its own free airport shuttle to and from airport
  • Clean and comfortable rooms

“It was very convenient and the shuttle to airport timely. We used it the day before flying to resolve a baggage issue, as well as early the next morning. We also enjoyed dinner in the restaurant—perfect end to our Ecuador adventure.”

Kathern from the U.S. (READ MORE REVIEWS)

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

Best Lodges to Stay in the Mountains Outside of Quito

Pupulahua Volcano crater

If you’re staying in Quito for a while and you want to get away from the hustle and bustle and smog of a big city, consider checking into a mountain lodge just outside of Quito for a few days. It’s a great area for hiking and mountain views. The lodgings are about an hour outside of Quito.

Pros & Cons of Staying Outside of Quito

– Peaceful
– Surrounded by nature
– Great views
– Great way to go hiking
– Relaxing
– Not easy to get to without a car
– If you want to see Quito attractions, it’s inconvenient

25. El Crater Lodge

LOWEST PRICE: US$90 – $119 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.0/10 (100+ Reviews)

One of the best places to stay in the mountains just outside of Quito is El Crater Lodge. It’s PERFECT for those not on a strict budget who want to relax and destress away from Quito.

What I love about El Crater Lodge:
  • Hiking trails around the Pululahua Volcano crater
  • Walking distance from Pululahua Village where there are dining options
  • Amazing views
  • Clean, cozy, and comfortable rooms – Guests recommend upgrading to rooms on higher floor for the amazing views
  • Excellent service – friendly, attentive, and helpful
  • El Crater Lodge has a sauna, hot tub, and spa

“A special hotel with an amazing vista just north of Quito. Quiet location, nice restaurant and lovely spacious suite rooms.”

Angela from the U.K. (READ MORE REVIEWS)

BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

Final Thoughts: Best Places to Stay in Quito

So that’s 25 of the best places to stay in Quito!

Where would you stay?

What Quito hotel entices you the most?

If it were my first time again, I’d stay in Old Town to take advantage of being immersed in Quito’s history, culture, and architecture. And to avoid taking a taxi or public transportation around Quito.

I also loved staying in La Mariscal. The neighborhood reminds me of my favorite areas in Mexico City: Condesa and Roma.

If you have any questions about where to stay in Quito, what tours to take in Quito, and even what to do in Quito, what the best day trips to take from Quito are, and where to go in Ecuador, feel free to ask in the Comment Section below.

Best Resources for Your Trip to Ecuador

Book Your Flight:

Use Skyscanner to find the cheapest flights to Ecuador. They will turn up results for all airlines including major ones and local airlines. You’re guaranteed to find EVERYTHING that’s available and thus get the cheapest price.

Book Your Accommodations:

The best hotel booking sites are Booking.com and Agoda. They have the most choices and they consistently churn out hotels and hostels with the lowest prices. Another site for backpackers and budget travelers is Hostel World.

Book Your Tours:

Viator has the most tour choices of any site in Ecuador. They’re reliable and trustworthy. I also like using Get Your Guide for Ecuador for their excellent service. Both booking sites are reliable and trustworthy, and if you have trouble with your tour, they’ll quickly help you.

Get an eSIM

The most convenient way to stay connected to the internet is with an eSIM. I like to use Airalo for their excellent prices.

Want More Ecuador Travel Info?

Check out my Ecuador Travel Guide for more ideas, inspiration, and tips on traveling in Ecuador.

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