Where to Stay in Flores and Tikal

by | Nov 9, 2022 | Guatemala, Travel

Looking for the perfect place to stay during your visit to Flores and Tikal?

In this post, I’m going to break down the 6 different areas around Flores where you can stay. Then I’ll give you a list of the best hotels and hostels for every budget. This list is based on my 4 visits to Flores and the experiences of my friends and other travelers who’ve been to Guatemala.

I hope you find this information useful!

Let’s get started!

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When I first started preparing for my trip to Flores, I was REALLY confused about the best area to stay in for seeing Tikal. I wasn’t sure if staying near the park was necessary or if it was better to base myself on the island of Flores.

El Remate? I hadn’t even heard of this town before I got to Flores. Honestly, if someone had told me about it beforehand, I would have stayed in El Remate for part of my trip instead of spending so much time in Flores. You can read more about El Remate here.

The good news is that there are over 100 hotels, hostels, and private rentals around Flores and Tikal to choose from. There are loads of really good deals for budget and mid-priced travelers. For those who are looking for luxury, you’re also spoiled for choices. Many of them have their own private lake as well.

I hope this guide on where to stay in Flores makes choosing a place a heck of a lot easier for you than it was for me.

Oh, one more thing!

If you’re planning on visiting during Christmas, New Year or Easter, book wayyyyy ahead of time! At least a month. Plus, expect to pay more than what you find on this post.

For more guidance on booking places to stay in Guatemala, check out this guide to things to know before visiting the country.

Check out my 2023 Guatemala Travel Guide for more tips, tricks, ideas, and inspiration for visiting the land of eternal spring. You’ll find over 15 travel articles to help you explore the history, culture, food, and natural beauty of Guatemala.

6 Best Areas to Base Yourself

map of the area of Flores and Lake Peten
Click here or on the above map to view it on Google Maps

Here are the different areas around Flores that are popular with tourists. Jump to the section that appeals to you the most and you’ll find a list of accommodations to fit all budgets.

  • Flores Island – An island in Lake Peten, Flores is the tourist and cultural hub of the area. Flores is ideal for those who want convenient transportation, lots of restaurants and bars, and easy access to the area’s main attractions.  (Ideal for Budget & Mid-priced travelers)
  • Santa Elena City – This is the commercial and residential center of Flores. The airport and bus terminal are here. Tourists don’t really stay here and I don’t recommend it as it’s not an attractive city.
  • Tikal National Park – There are 4 hotels right outside the entrance to Tikal National Park. They are ideal for those who are doing the sunrise or sunset tours or who want to really explore Tikal to its fullest. (Ideal for mid-priced travelers)
  • El Remate Town – A town on the eastern shore of Lake Peten, El Remate is perfect for those who want to be on the shore of the lake and surrounded by nature. Great for all ranges of travelers, but especially for budget travelers. (Ideal for budget, mid-priced, & luxury)
  • San Miguel Town – This is a village across the lake from Flores and Santa Elena. There are some good budget places in San Miguel that get rave reviews from travelers. They’re good for getting away from the crowds of Flores. (Ideal for budget travelers)
  • San Jose and San Andres Towns – These are 2 towns on the western shore of Lake Peten. There are a few luxury and mid-priced places here. (Ideal for mid-priced & Luxury travelers)
  • Other lakes around the area – There are several lakes around Lake Peten Itza with hotels on their shores. They are mid-priced and luxury places. (Ideal for mid-priced & luxury travelers)
a view of Flores from across the lake at San Miguel
Average prices for accommodations:

These prices are based on research I did in November 2022 for January 2023. They are also based on my Genius level membership on Booking.com, the best website for booking a place to stay in Flores.

  • Hostel Dorm: US$10 – $20
  • Budget Hotel (2-star): US$20 – $40
  • Mid-priced Hotel (3-star): US$65 – $100
  • High-end Hotel (4 – 5 stars): US$250 – $500
My BEST advice:

I personally would arrange my stay in Flores in this way:

  • 2 nights at Tikal to see either the sunrise or sunset tour
  • 3 or more nights in El Remate
  • During my first trip to Flores, I arrived after 6:00 pm. The sun had already set and buses had stopped running to El Remate and Tikal. If this happens to you, book your first night in Flores. If you have to leave for your next destination early in the morning (many shuttles leave at 6:00 am), book your last night in Flores too.

But I understand not everyone has so much time as I do to travel, so here are some other recommendations:

If you’re ONLY going to Flores to visit Tikal, then I recommend staying in one of the 4 hotels outside the entrance to the park. Stay at least 2 nights. Jump here for Tikal hotels.

If you want to see more than just Tikal and you want to be close to nature and do lots of activities on the lake, then you have 2 options: (1) Do 2 nights at Tikal (see the sunrise or sunset tour) and the rest of the time at El Remate or one of the luxury hotels on the other lakes in the area. (2) If you’re not doing the sunrise or sunset tours, then just stay in El Remate. San Miguel would be my next choice.

If you want to do the El Mirador hike, spend a night or two in Flores before and after your trip and then head out to El Remate, San Miguel, or even Tikal for the rest of your time around the area. After my hike to El Mirador, I really needed time to just recover from my experience and Flores wasn’t as ideal as El Remate or San Miguel.

1. Places to Stay on Flores Island

Aerial view of Flores island
View of Flores Island, Peten, Guaremala

Situated in the middle of Lake Peten, this historic island is the tourism and cultural center of the area. This was the location of the last Maya Kingdom to be defeated by the Spaniards. Sadly, you won’t find any ancient ruins here. Instead, hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, and bars have been built over the ruins. You will, though, find a charming albeit scruffy town with cobblestoned streets, colorful buildings that need a bit more love, and stunning sunsets.

You’ll also find lots of tour operators organizing tours to all the different sights around the area, tourist shuttles taking people to these attractions as well as to other destinations in Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico, and public buses to other locations. The convenience of staying in Flores is superior to anywhere else around Lake Peten.

Staying in Flores is ideal for those looking for…

  • Budget accommodations
  • Hostels
  • Mid-priced accommodations
  • Nightlife

Benefits of staying on Flores Island:

  • Tourist shuttles drop you off on the island and it’s a short walk to your hotel
  • Tourist shuttles to the different sites leave from the island
  • Safe
  • Lots of dining options and bars
  • There are ATMs on the island
  • Can watch the gorgeous sunsets over the lake
  • Places to rent kayaks
  • Boat tours leave from here
  • It’s a short and inexpensive tuk-tuk ride to places like pharmacies, clinics, and markets
  • Lots of travel agencies here including the agency that does tours to El Mirador
  • A short tuk-tuk ride to the Santa Elena Main Bus Terminal

Downsides to staying on Flores Island:

  • You don’t get the nature and tranquility that you would at El Remate, San Andres, San Miguel, Tikal, and other lakes
  • Quite touristy
  • The island is not stunningly beautiful like Antigua
cobblestoned street lined with colorful one-story buildings and going downhill with hills in the background
A street in Flores

Budget Accommodations on Flores Island

1. Hotel Peten Express Tikal

PRICE: US$18/dorm | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 8.6 (200+ Reviews)

I would choose Hotel Peten Express over all the other hostels on Flores. It’s in a prime location—right on the waterfront with amazing lake and sunset views.

Plus, it’s got a swimming pool–an essential thing to have after a day in the sweltering sun exploring Tikal.

The other bonus is that they offer a FREE breakfast. Can’t beat that! That’s about a US$5 deal. With breakfast, the dorm rooms are a good deal compared to other places on the island.

I used to walk by this hotel every day during my 2 weeks in Flores envious of the people staying there. I don’t think it had dorm rooms when I was there.

Hotel Peten Express is as the name suggests mainly a hotel with some dorm rooms. So by staying here, you might miss that hostel vibe. However, everything else about it makes up for that.

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

HOSTEL ALTERNATIVE: If you’re looking for a party place with more of a hostel vibe, then check out Los Amigos Hostel. I stayed here but I just didn’t like it as I’m not a partier.

2. Hotel Petenchel

PRICE: US$22 | BREAKFAST: Not included | RATING: 8.1 (60+ Reviews)

Hotel Petenchel is one of the BEST deals in Flores. For less than US$30, you get a spotless room with air-conditioning, an ensuite bathroom, and hot water. Unheard of in Guatemala!

It’s also right near the tourist shuttle bus stop, so you don’t have to walk too far with your heavy luggage.

I visited Flores 4 times while I was in Guatemala and I always went back to this place. As someone who works while they travel, I loved that the WiFi worked so well. It’s just such a great deal—about the same price as staying in a dorm in Flores.

I know its overall rating score isn’t high but look at its recent scores. It’s really worth checking out if you’re on a tight budget and you don’t want a noisy hostel dorm. I’ve stayed at 2 other hotels a bit cheaper than Hotel Petenchel and those places weren’t so clean.

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

Mid-priced Accommodations on Flores Island

3. Hotel Casazul

PRICE: US$63 | BREAKFAST: Not included | RATING: 8.7 (300+ Reviews)

Located right on the shore, Hotel Casazul is another great value in Flores.

Its large terrace with comfy furniture and fabulous views of the lake is the star of the show. You can sit out here in the evening with a bottle of beer or glass of wine and watch the sunset over the lake or in the morning and watch the sunrise in the opposite direction.

I stayed here for a few days after returning from the 5-day El Mirador hike during Christmas. I changed hotels because as a solo traveler, I couldn’t afford to stay for too long.

The staff was friendly and kind. There was also free coffee and tea. They had filtered water, so you could fill up your water bottle.

WiFi worked well, so I could get work done.

My room was comfortable, clean, and spacious and it had a touch of color. It had bedside lights, air conditioning, and an ensuite bathroom with hot water.

Just around the corner was my favorite restaurant in Flores: Maple & Tocino.

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

2. Places to stay at Tikal National Park

Jaguar Temple at Tikal

There are 4 hotels located outside the entrance of Tikal National Park. They are perfect for those wanting to do the sunrise or sunset tours and for those who want to see Tikal at a more leisurely pace.

I highly recommend staying in one of the 2 hotels listed below for 2 nights and then switching to another hotel closer to the other main attractions in and around Flores or El Remate.

Staying at Tikal National Park is ideal for you if you’re looking for…

  • A mid-priced hotel

Benefits of staying at Tikal

  • Convenient for doing sunrise or sunset tours
  • Convenient for those who want to explore Tikal slowly or in-depth
  • Many of the hotels have swimming pools
  • You get to fall asleep and wake up to the sounds of the jungle
  • You might get to see monkeys and colorful tropical birds

Downsides of staying at Tikal

  • It’s far from the other attractions in and around Flores
  • Not many good dining options
  • WiFi isn’t so good around this area
sunrise at Tikal with the tops of pyramids peaking out over the jungle and 2 birds flying by

Mid-Priced Accommodations at Tikal

4. Jungle Lodge Tikal Hostal

PRICE: US$66 | BREAKFAST: Not included | RATING: 8.6 (487+ Reviews)

The Jungle Lodge Tikal Hostal is both the most affordable and the highest-rated place to stay at Tikal. The location is perfectly situated right at the park entrance–ideal for doing the sunrise or sunset tour and for being able to take a break from Tikal by dipping into the hotel’s pool before going back to the park to see more.

You’re also surrounded by the jungle so you can hear the roar of the howler monkeys and take in the vibrant colors of the toucans.

The rooms are small but stylish. The downside is that none of the rooms come with private ensuite bathrooms, so you’ll need to share the bathroom with other guests.

The hotel has a swimming pool and restaurant and offers tours of Tikal.

You can get a better value by staying outside of the park in El Remate, Flores, or San Miguel. If Tikal is all that you’re here to see and you’re on a budget, this place can’t be beat.

Don’t be fooled by the word, “hostal.” In Guatemala, “hostal” means a budget hotel. Not a “hostel” with dorm rooms.

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

High-End Accommodations at Tikal

5. Hotel Jungle Lodge Tikal

PRICE: US$120 | BREAKFAST: Not including |RATINGS: 8.6 (500+ Reviews)

I absolutely adore this hotel. Located at the entrance to Tikal National Park, Hotel Jungle Lodge is another great value.

At less than US$200, you get your own little charming bungalow, giving you loads of privacy and tranquility. It comes with your own private terrace, where you can sit outside in the morning drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the sounds of the jungle. The room décor has a real tropical vibe as well with its thatched roof, mosquito nets, and murals on the exterior and interior of the bungalows.

The hotel has loads of amenities: a swimming pool, restaurant, game room, and bar.

The downside is that due to the power situation near Tikal, there is no air conditioning in the rooms. There are fans but the power sometimes goes off in the middle of the night. Another issue is the lack of strong and stable WiFi.

Still, if you want to be close to the park and wake up to howler monkeys and toucans, then Hotel Jungle Lodge is a fabulous deal.

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

3. Places to stay in El Remate

a chair on a dock next to a lake

A small town along the eastern end of Lake Peten, El Remate has got a relaxing and tranquil vibe. It’s perfect for those who want to be surrounded by nature and who don’t need to party. If you also want to pull up a chair on the side of a lake, take out a good book and just take it easy, this is a great area to do it in.

At 20 miles, the town is closer to Tikal National Park than Flores is to Tikal.

There are over 20 hotels and hostels in El Remate to choose from.

Staying in El Remate is ideal for travelers looking for…

  • Budget hotels
  • Hostels
  • Mid-priced hotels
  • Lakeside hotels
  • High-end hotels

Benefits of staying in El Remate:

  • Relaxing, quiet, and tranquil atmosphere
  • On the shore of the lake – you can swim in the lake, kayak, canoe, or do stand-up-paddleboard
  • Closer to Tikal than Flores is
  • Budget and mid-range hotels and hostels are abundant and of good value
  • Great lake views
  • Watch the sunset on the lake
  • Great hiking opportunities at a nearby nature reserve

Downsides of staying in El Remate

  • Inconvenient transportation – the bus station in and out of the region is in Santa Elena and Flores;
  • Not ideal for those arriving in the area late at night because getting to the area would be difficult and expensive
  • Not a lot of dining options
  • Not a lot of tour operator options
  • The best hotels and hostels are far from the center of El Remate

How to get to El Remate

You can catch a colectivo (minivan) at the main bus terminal in Santa Elena going to El Remate. It leaves every 30 minutes and takes 45 minutes. It costs around Q25. Colectivos run from 5:30 am to 6:00 am daily.

You can also take an ATIM shuttle that goes between Santa Elena and Tikal.

For a taxi, expect to pay at least Q250 from Santa Elena and at least Q350 to Tikal.

Budget Accommodations in El Remate

El Remate has loads of budget accommodations available. These are my favorite:

6. Alice Guesthouse

PRICE: US$12/dorm room, US$44/room | BREAKFAST: Not included |RATING: 9.1 (260+ Reviews)

All of my friends who stayed at Alice Guesthouse absolutely loved it. It was so good that many of them stayed longer than they had originally planned.

It’s all about the location near the lake, the social vibe, and the amazing price. Ideal for backpackers and budget travelers and those who want to meet other travelers.

The Guesthouse is in a perfect location. Just 20 miles from Tikal, a minute from the lake where you can swim, and walking distance to Cerro Cahui Nature Reserve where you can go hiking.

The hotel offers a variety of accommodation types: tents, dorms, and bungalows with bathrooms and a patio.

The facilities are also great. The best part is the garden where you can hang out around a fire at night meeting other travelers. There is also a restaurant and bar but no kitchen, which sucks for long-term travelers. Another cool part is the treetop lookout that goes up to the tops of trees where you can see birds and monkeys and other animals. The outdoor showers are really cool, too.

The guesthouse can arrange tours of Tikal and other attractions around the area. See this guide for things to do around the lake and in Flores.

If you’re arriving in Flores late in the evening, buses don’t run and it’s going to cost at least Q160 for a taxi to El Remate.

Alice Guesthouse is often full, so reserve early.

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

7. Hotel Mon Ami

PRICE: US$20 – $25 | BREAKFAST: Included for some guests | RATING: 9.1 (180+ Reviews)

Mon Ami is where I would stay if I were traveling alone, I was on a budget, and I didn’t want to stay in a dorm. I love this place for its price and location right next to the lake. You can’t beat that!

The Hotel has dorm rooms and private bungalows with bathrooms and porches. These are the cheapest prices I’ve seen around Lake Peten. And guests consistently give this hotel a high rating, making it a great value for budget travelers.

The best part about Mon Ami is the private dock and beach where you can go swimming or watch the sunset. You can also rent stand-up paddle boards. If you need a tour of Tikal, they can arrange it. Lots of hammocks around the place to relax in. There’s a restaurant on site that serves French food (the owner is French).

If you’re a Genius member of Booking.com, breakfast is FREE!

My friend stayed here. and she said there were monkeys hanging out right above her bungalow. So cool!

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

If Alice Guesthouse or Mon Ami are sold out, another budget option is Posada Del Cerro.

Mid-priced Accommodations in El Remate

8. Hotel Gringo Perdido

PRICE: $78 | BREAKFAST & DINNER: Both included! | RATING: 9.3 (280+ Reviews)

Hotel Gringo Perdido is absolutely fantastic. If the price fits your budget, then do not hesitate in booking this place.

The location is insanely perfect—right on the shore of the lake and surrounded by the sounds of the jungle. You can’t get any better than that!

If you’re a Booking.com Genius member, the hotel becomes even more affordable.

Gringo Perdido has its own private docks where you can sit and watch the sun dip below the horizon or jump off into the lake. There are these really cool nets hanging over the water that you can lie in and enjoy the fresh breeze from the lake.

You can use the hotel’s stand-up paddle boards, kayaks and inner tubes for free

The coolest thing is that BOTH breakfast and dinner are included in the price–a bonus since the hotel is far from the town center.

Rooms have air conditioning, private baths, porches out front with hammocks to lie in, comfortable beds, and views of the lake. The nicer rooms come with outdoor terraces with a hot tub and views of the lake.

The hotel arranges transport and tours to Tikal and provides other tours and activities.

The one downside to Gringo Perdido is the fact that it’s over 2 miles (3 kilometers) from El Remate town.

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

High-End Accommodations in El Remate

9. La Lancha

PRICE: US$165 | BREAKFAST: Included | RATING: 9.2 (80+ Reviews),

La Lancha might not be the most luxurious of the high-end hotels in the area, but I love it more than the others for being right on Lake Peten and for its unique facilities.

The other high-end hotels are on private lakes, but they are not ideal for swimming. At La Lancha, not only can you swim in the lake after a day in the hot sun of Tikal, but you can also go kayaking, canoeing, and stand-up paddle boarding.

The hotel also has its very own sweat lodge, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, and a funicular train that takes guests from the hotel to the shore of the lake. There are lots of terraces overlooking the lake where you can lie in a hammock or sit in a comfy chair and watch the sunset. The hotel is near a ranch where you can go horseback riding.

The best parts of the rooms are the views of the lake and the feeling of being enveloped in nature.

The food is good but pricey. Another downside is that it’s quite far from the center of El Remate.


4. Places to stay in San Miguel

buildings of San Miguel village along the shore of Lake Peten
A view of San Miguel across from Flores Island

Located across the lake from Flores and Santa Elena, San Miguel is a quiet village with a handful of hotels. It’s located within walking distance of one of the best beaches in the area, Playa Chechenel, and the lookout tower of Mirador de Canek. Some hotels are accessible only by boat.

San Miguel has some of the highest-rated hotels in the area–service and bonus tours of the lake are often mentioned by travelers.

Don’t be afraid of its location, the hotels in San Miguel are great at helping guests get to San Miguel.

A road with boats and a lake on the right side and a 2-story building on the left side
A street in San Miguel

Staying in San Miguel is ideal for travelers looking for…

  • Budget accommodations
  • A remote place with peace and quiet

Benefits of staying in San Miguel

  • Beautiful views of the lake and Flores
  • Peace and quiet
  • Ability to get away from it all
  • Hiking opportunities
  • About a kilometer walk to Playa Chechenal, nice water for swimming

Downsides of staying in San Miguel

  • Getting to the hotels here can be more challenging than getting to the ones on Flores.
  • Not many dining options.

How to get to San Miguel

Once you get off the tourist shuttle or bus, take a tuk-tuk to the boat launch for San Miguel on Flores. Then take a public boat to San Miguel for Q5.

Before arriving, ask your hotel for info on getting to San Miguel.

Some hotels have their own private boats for ferrying guests to and from Flores.

Budget Accommodations in San Miguel

10. Zapote Tree Inn

PRICE: US$40 | BREAKFAST: Not included | RATING: 9.5 (200+ Reviews)

So many people rave about Zapote Tree Inn (it’s the highest-rated hotel in the area) that it’s hard not to consider it for your trip to Flores.

Located on a hill above the village of San Miguel, it has stunning views of Flores and Lake Peten (beautiful sunsets), great service, a small pool, and rooms at an affordable price.

The owner and staff are friendly, helpful, and eager to introduce Guatemalan culture to their guests. So, if you’re goal in coming to this fabulous country is to learn about the culture, then staying here is a great idea. Eric, the owner, gives amazing boat tours of the lake. They can also arrange transport and tours to Tikal.

The rooms are basic but clean and air-conditioned and have private bathrooms. They’re more geared toward groups rather than solo travelers. But still, at US$40, it’s still not a bad deal.

Don’t be put off by the fact that it’s not located in Flores. The owner or staff will help you get to the hotel. When you get off the tourist shuttle in Flores, take a tuk-tuk for Q5 to the boat launch for San Miguel and take a boat over the lake for Q5.

A great value!

Read Reviews and Book Your Stay: Booking.com | Agoda

11. Hotel Mayan Spirit

PRICE: US$38 | BREAKFAST: Not included | RATING: 9.1 (165+ Reviews)

Mayan Spirit is another amazing place to stay in San Miguel. Friends of mine stayed here and loved it, so I had to include it on this list of places to stay in Flores.

What I adore about this place is its location right on the shore of the lake. You can literally open your cabin door in the morning and the lake is smack dab in front of you. Then walk a few feet and you’re basically swimming in the lake. Fabulous!

The rooms are basic but clean with comfy beds and private bathrooms. No air-conditioning, though.

The views of the sunset and of Flores are also unforgettable.

Getting to the hotel is only by boat or walking through a forest from San Miguel village. Hotel Mayan Spirit has a boat that will take you to Flores. It’s not accessible by car.


5. Places to Stay in San Andres and San Jose

San Jose and San Andres are 2 small towns along the western shore of Lake Peten. Both are more local than Flores or even El Remate. There are a few hotels but not many restaurant options.

San Andres and San Jose are ideal for those looking for…

  • Mid-priced hotels
  • Luxury hotels

Benefits of staying in San Andres and San Jose:

  • Peace and quiet
  • Lake views
  • Not so touristy
  • Get to see sunrise over the lake

Downsides to staying in San Andres and San Jose:

  • It’s far from all the other attractions
  • Inconvenient
  • Don’t get to see the sunset over the lake
  • Few dining options

12. Bolontiku Boutique Hotel and Spa

PRICE: US$250 | BREAKFAST: Not included | RATING: 9.4 (130+Reviews)

Bolontiku Boutique Hotel is another highly-rated luxury hotel on the shores of Lake Peten. This time we’re on the western side of the lake.

According to the hotel’s website, the name means something like a sanctuary of the nine gods.

The rooms are spacious, clean, and comfortable. The décor is quite muted. Not a lot of color. There are balconies, some of which have views of the lake.

There’s a pool, restaurant, bar, lounge, walking trails, massage area, and heliport. You can hang out by the shore and go for a swim in the lake as well.

I don’t recommend arriving here in the evening. You’ll need to take a motorboat across the lake in the dark.

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

6. Places to stay Around Other Lakes

Lake Peten is not the only lake in the area. There are several smaller ones with mid-range to high-end luxury hotels on their shores. Often you’ll find one hotel on the shore of one lake and no other inhabitants. This is ideal for those who REALLY want to get away from it all and who have the transport or money to get to and from the hotel to the other Flores attractions.

This area is ideal for those looking for…

  • Mid-priced accommodations
  • Luxury resort
  • A place to really get away from it all
  • Nature but without foregoing comfort

Benefits of staying on another lake:

  • Surrounded by nature
  • Privacy
  • Peace and tranquility
  • Lake views

Downsides to staying on another lake:

  • Inconvenient transport
  • Limited in your dining options
  • Can you swim in the lakes?

Budget Accommodations

There are no decent budget accommodations around the other lakes I can recommend.

Mid-Range Accommodations

13. Hotel Villa Maya

PRICE: US$65 – $78 | BREAKFAST: Not included|RATING: 9.1 (200+ Reviews)

If you’ve got your own set of wheels and you want to wake up to the roar of howler monkeys in the morning, then Hotel Villa Maya is a fabulous deal. This beautiful hotel is located on its own private lake in the middle of the jungle. The grounds and the lake are teeming with wildlife: white-tailed deer, crocodiles, monkeys, and peccaries.

The food is delicious, and the staff is friendly.

The rooms are amazing. Spacious, clean, bright, and comfortable with beautiful views of the lake or forest. Plus, there’s a pool for you to cool off in after spending a sweltering day at Tikal.

The only big downside is that WiFi can be pretty bad.

This hotel is best if you have you have a car as it’s very remote and most travel agencies will charge extra to pick you up at the hotel.

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

High-End Accommodations

14. Las Lagunas Boutique Hotel

PRICE: US$320 | BREAKFAST: Not Included |RATING: 9.6 (100+ Ratings)

Las Lagunas is the perfect way to surround yourself with nature without sacrificing comfort. This hotel is one of those places that you book for a couple of days but once there you want to stay longer.

It’s got an infinity pool overlooking the lake, a spa, an onsite museum, a heliport, and kayaks and canoes for rent. The property has 5 lagoons and 2 islands where monkeys live.

One of the best things is the view of the sunset over the lake and the full moon shining over the lake.

Another fabulous thing about this hotel is the rooms. The room comes with all-wood floors, a jacuzzi, and a sitting area where you can sit on a comfy chair with a good book and a glass of wine and look out over the beautiful lake.  Some rooms are right at the edge of the lake.

The hotel has boat tours on the lagoons and to the islands as well as tours to the different attractions around Flores.

READ REVIEWS & BOOK YOUR STAY: Booking.com | Agoda

Final Thoughts

map of Lake Peten Itza
Click HERE or on the above map to view it in Google Maps

So that is a list of the best hotels and hostels around Flores and Tikal.

Which area would you choose to stay in? Which hotel or hostel is your favorite?

There are so many great deals around Lake Peten that it’s hard for me to choose.

You might also find my guide to Flores helpful in planning your trip.

If you’re looking for more travel guides to Guatemala, check out my guide for Antigua attractions and my hotel guide for Antigua.

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PRO TIP: No one likes to think about insurance, but accidents do happen. I highly recommend getting travel insurance. During my travels over the past 2 years, I’ve been using SafetyWing for my insurance. They’re very affordable for all ages, and digital nomads can use their insurance long-term.


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