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25 Best Books on Cambodia

Spending the past month reading over 20 books on Cambodia, I feel like I’ve just been on an emotional rollercoaster. Throughout history, Cambodia and its people have experienced so much greatness but also so much sorrow--from the grandeur and brilliance of the Angkor...

Cambodia Itinerary: An Ideal Guide for Temple & Island Hoppers

Are you planning a trip to Cambodia, but you’re struggling with putting together your itinerary? You’re not sure where to go, how long to stay in each place, and how to get from one destination to another. In this jam-packed Cambodia itinerary guide, I’ll share with you how you can spend both 2 and 3 weeks in the country.

Survival in the Killing Fields – Review

There are so many books on the Cambodian genocide that it’s difficult to know which one to read first. I’ve read 4 books so far on along with a load of other books on the history of Cambodia (Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare, When The War Was Over). I’ll say that without a doubt, Survival in the Killing Fields by Haing S. Ngor and Roger Warner is the best book on the subject. So if you don’t know where to start your exploration of Cambodia, begin with this unforgettable and heartbreaking book.

Lulu in the Sky – Book Review

Books on Cambodia Lulu in the Sky: A Daughter of Cambodia Finds Love, Healing, and Double Happiness By Loung Ung, 2012 My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars “No one ever told me being with someone whose attributes you admire could show you all the ways you were broken,...

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